01 | Low Carbon: supporting investors to reduce the carbon footprint of their portfolios

A Low-carbon Index offer for investors seeking to mitigate financial risks induced by the carbon risk:

  1. Tailor-made solutions by decarbonizing existing portfolios or by replicating a Low Carbon Index integrating the criteria agreed upon with the client
  2. A range of innovative open-ended funds and ETFs efficiently aiming to reduce the carbon footprint compared to reference indices, while maintaining a low tracking error

Amundi, co-founder of the  “ Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition ” launched in 2014

  • 29 signatory investors committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their portfolios
  • Representing over US$32 trillion of assets under management
  • Committed to align over US$600 billion of assets with a low carbon economy by publishing their carbon footprint and implementing strategies seeking to exclude most carbon-intensive companies

02 | Green Bonds: multiplying innovations in order to mobilize financial markets

Amundi, elected the representative of the Investor community at the Executive Committee of the Green Bond Principles in 2017.

Strategy Green Bonds: financing the energy transition and its players

  • Financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through green bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP)
  • A broadened investment universe to include key players of the energy transition

Strategy Impact Green Bond: measuring the positive impact of investments on the environment

  • 100% green bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP)
  • Measuring the positive impact of investments on the environment
  • Risk/return profiles aligned with traditional fixed income instruments
  • A dedicated impact reporting in tons of CO2 avoided by million invested

Our partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

By entering into a strategy partnership with IFC, member of the World Bank Group, Amundi follows a number of key objectives:

  • Accelerating the development of the green bond market in emerging countries
  • Bringing together and encouraging local financial institutionals to issue green bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP)
  • Encouraging high quality impact reporting in emerging countries

03 | Equity Green Impact: offering solutions dedicated to finance green technologies

  • Investing in equity of European companies participating to the energy transition (renewable energies, water and waste management, etc.)
  • SRI management based on our Best-in-Class approach
  • Exclusions of controversies, fossil fuel and nuclear sectors

04 | KBI Aqua: selecting the best performing companies in water management

  • An innovative strategy around water management
  • Equity investments in international companies responding to water issues such as quality, scarcity and aging infrastructure

05 | Amundi Energy Transition (AET): financing the energy transition through an innovative partnership

  • A joint-venture with EDF and Amundi for a diversity of opportunities
  • Financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • Complementing Amundi’s range of listed green solutions with an investment program in non-listed infrastructure benefiting from an optimized Solvency II treatment