Bespoke investment solutions for insurers

With knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience, Amundi has the expertise to develop investment solutions tailored to insurers’ specific accounting, financial and regulatory requirements. We’re proud to work with over 100 external insurance clients located in 14 countries1.

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New accounting standard

More complex implementation and more volatile results. Find out how the application of IFRS 9 starting in 2018 will complicate the processing of some financial instruments and may increase the volatility of profit and loss.

Amundi innovates

A Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance combining Eurozone equity strategy and SCR optimization, with a formal protection.

Given the complex environment they are facing –strengthened regulatory environment, decreasing interest rate environment, increasing consideration given to economic risk, Insurers are looking for new opportunities. Innovative ones that may answer a call: how will they face their day to day prerogatives to their clients (attractive return) while complying with both their financial and regulatory issues. Indeed, they need to search for yield but at lower costs.

Regarding the appealing return and risk premium of Eurozone equities, Amundi has designed a new solution, genuine in the market, which combines cautious equity investment process - seeking risk/return optimization - and bank guarantee of 80% of capital protection on a yearly rolling basis.

This in-house solution offers:

  • Dividends and equity return benefits
  • Dynamic risk management strategy mitigating markets drawdown effects and SCR equity
  • Amundi’s formal guarantee to the protection (Amundi is A+ rated by Fitch Ratings2)

By combining financial market and regulatory efficiency, Amundi AM’s equity solution is an effective way to optimize insurers’ equity allocation and capital charge:

  • Increase the expected return of the asset allocation with the same level of Market SCR
  • Reduce the Market SCR with the same expected return 

Our solution does not offer any performance or full capital guarantee.

An integrated platform to support your business

More than 30% of our total assets are managed for insurance companies. We work closely with organisations to put in place solutions that are compliant with regulatory and economic changes. Drawing on 25 years of experience and business insight we’ve developed an integrated platform to support the specific requirements of our insurance companies1.

Why Amundi?

The uncertain market conditions and an increasingly difficult business environment have raised the bar for asset managers. Insurers search for investment performance whilst observing complex accounting and regulatory requirements. Amundi is committed to providing you with innovative solutions that meet these expectations.

  • An international reputation as experts in fixed income investment
  • Satellite management solutions using equities, alternative investments, absolute return, real estate and credit
  • A centralised and integrated investment platform that includes investment research, dedicated ALM/LDI, look-through reporting and consolidation of exposures and risks
  • An in-house tool to calculate Market SCR


ALM: Asset and Liability Management
LDI: Liabilities Driven Investments
SCR : Solvency Capital Requirement


Our insurance solutions imply a risk of capital loss and do not offer any guarantee of performance or capital security.

An integrated and centralized investment platform

Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.

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Tailered service and customised product development

01 | Our research department at your service

Analysing new sectors, reviewing regulatory changes, assessing risk management: our in-house research teams provide constant analysis and feedback about issues of interest and importance to the insurance industry. You can also commission specific research on request.

Take a look at our latest publications on Solvency II at our dedicated research website.

02 | Customised investment solutions

Our investment solutions, including ALM/LDI, are designed around the accounting and liability constraints of insurance companies. They aim to meet risk-adjusted return objectives and are built using a core satellite approach within a strong risk-monitoring framework.

ALM: Asset and Liability Management
LDI: Liability Driven Investment


03 | Tailored risk management and reporting tools

In the heart of Europe, we are particularly well-versed in the requirements and implications of Solvency II. With an independent risk management department, risk monitoring, performance measurement, front office reports, consolidation of exposures and risks: we provide tailor-made services to help our insurance clients comply with regulatory requirements.

Insurance, part of our DNA


Insurance clients in 14 countries1


of our total assets are managed for insurance companies1

+25 years

 of experience serving our Insurers clients1

Our response to the challenges of Solvency II

Discover Solvency II issues and associated Amundi's services

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1 - Source: Amundi, as of June 30, 2020.

2. Source: Amundi & Fitch Ratings, as of June 2016.

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